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Without direction an agency drifts and never reaches full potential. The importance of a plan - a North star to aim for - is the foundation to success and fulfilling your vision.


We work with you to develop strategies for growth, for sales & marketing, team development, client retention, and training.


Let's get strategic together



Some people get it. Some people want it, but aren't sure how to develop it. Some people think it's just the intangible "soft fluffy stuff".


Brand culture... your company culture... is now recognized as one of the most important business drivers available. You probably have some of it, you may even have it in spades. Let us help you identify the good parts from the bad and hone them into impactful Vision, Purpose, and Values so that you and your team can live and breathe them daily.



Developing reporting structures, communications and processes helps teams collaborate effectively.


We believe silos are best left on the farm so that your people can work effectively and support one another to deliver the best possible outcome. We work with you and your greatest asset - your people - to create dynamic, effective and happy teams.


Because there's a lot of truth in the saying Team Work Makes The Dream Work!



Facilitation: An unsung craft with equal parts presenter, observer, listener, driver, collator, and summarizer. We run workshops to gain critical information, engage your teams, distill ideas, overcome challenges, develop solutions, and grow awareness. A well-facilitated meeting can make the difference between success and failure. As can the presentation of meeting results and the roadmap to deliver them.


We are experts in making sure everyone is heard, the right ideas are discussed, and the ultimate action plan is produced.



Let's face it, we can all sharpen our pencils. There's always room for improvement, to make efficiencies and to do things better.


Optimizing your operations with the right amount of process, provides a framework for simplicity and stress reduction. Why re-invent the wheel when you can replicate best practices each and every time?



Big or small there are times when your agency will be stretched too thin, or need to deliver a project you just don't have the specialists for.


40 Proof brings over 20 years of experiential, creative, content, and project management to your organization. Whatever your needs are, we probably have the right tool for the job.



If you're not set up for them, RFP's can be tricky beasts. And an enormous investment. There's an art to doing them well and optimizing the win rate.


We develop robust RFP processes for any organization as well as provide spirit guides to help your team, or even a full response team to develop, present, and deliver the RFP for you. Thinkers and Do-ers. Dreamers and Executors. Whether you have an RFP or a viable project opportunity, we can provide a team to fulfill your needs.



Who's doing what - where, when and how? It's hard to keep up. Production companies are calling themselves experiential agencies, ad agencies are delivering brand activation events, creative agencies are producing festivals. Our industry landscape always seems to be shifting with new players and constant re-invention.


40 Proof keeps its' collective finger on the pulse and conducts regular agency analysis. We're also deeply connected and have a unique sense of what's going on. We can help you benchmark your services and find the white space that you can optimize for growth.



A little conflict is good, too much is destructive. Clear direction is absolutely essential.

When Executive and Management teams pull in different directions it causes frustrations and confusion.


Through a process of discovery, solution mapping, stakeholder engagement, and implementation we can eradicate discord bringing focus and harmony in it's place. Life's easier when we all know where we're going and how we're going to get there.



Change is hard. If it we're easy we would all be making the changes we need to stay relevant, at the apex of performance, all the time. Change can be a rewarding journey. But work - running a company... delivering projects - gets in the way.


Not only do we identify the changes needed to make your agency grow, succeed, and re-invent, we develop the roadmaps and tools required to deliver them. And, as internal time is often precious, we can be there to implement and drive accountability for you so those changes stick.


What do you want to change today?



Sometimes you need a senior player. A leader with the experience to drive a team to new heights. A "grown-up" to make your clients feel confident.


We have those skills on tap. Our collaborative network have seen most things in the creative and live event space at this point, and the things we haven't yet seen, well, we'd love to work on those too. If you need a specialist, someone who's going to take it all the way down the field and across the line, then look no further.



It’s all about the message, especially in times of stress or change. 40 Proof can help you define the right messaging strategy and mechanisms to communicate with your people for optimum success. Capitalize on the momentum, disseminate information, build goodwill and behave with authenticity.